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Farah Shirts, T - Shirts and Polos

Here at Ej Menswear we have an amazing range from must have brand Farah. We have everything you need to kit you out from a day out with the lads to a night out with the ladies! Our range of Farah is second to none and is available for Free Next Day Delivery anywhere in Ireland. You’ll find an extensive range of quality Farah shirts, Farah t-shirts, Farah polo’s, Farah sweatshirts, Farah knitwear, Farah jackets, Farah hoodies and Farah zippies. So why not check out some Farah today, you wont be disappointed!

Men’s Farah Shirts

We specialize in men’s Farah shirts and have a wide selection of styles and colours from this quality brand. With over 30 different shirts to choose from you are sure to find one, or maybe two, to suit your style.

The men’s Farah Brewer shirt is one of the most popular in the Farah range and comes in a slim fit and range of plain and vibrant colours. The Farah Brewer shirt is available in both short sleeve and long sleeve, has a button down collar for that added piece of style and they all feature the signature “F” embroidered logo in gold. No man’s wardrobe is complete without a Farah Brewer shirt!

The Farah Grandad shirt has increased in popularity and has become a staple of the modern fashion conscious males must have items. Our white Farah Grandad shirt is one of our best sellers in this particular range and is the perfect companion with a pair of jeans, chinos or even shorts.

Next on the agenda is our selection of men’s Farah Steen shirts. These shirts are made from a softer touch cotton, 100% of course, and also feature a button down collar to up your style credentials!

So whether you are chilling with friends at the weekend, meeting the ladies for a night out or attending something a little more dressy, we have men’s Farah shirts to suit your every need!

The first Farah factory opened in El Paso manufacturing blue shirts for 35 cents. Masnour Farah studied shirt design in 1910 in New York City and his legacy lives on in the quality and style of shirts we provide to you today here at ej menswear. From the Farah Brewer, Anthracite, Steen, Grandad, Umber, and Whitley, the legacy of Farah is truly represented here at ej menswear.

The early 20th century saw the United States lead the world in casualising clothing and footwear in their own unique way. Farah, one of the most popular selling brands here at ej menswear, was at the forefront of this fashion revolution.

Well known for their shirts Farah diversified into making blue denim workpants in the early half of the 20th century at a time when the federal government employed convicts to produce work shirts.

In the 1930’s Farah was well known for their quality shirts, most notably the Farah Chambray work shirt for 37 cents. With the outbreak of World War 2 Farah moved from producing civilian clothing to producing army khaki combat pants, fatigues and uniforms. They won an Army and Navy E award for the quality and durability of their clothing. Not satisfied with helping the war effort on the home front, Lt. William Farah enlisted in the US Air Force in 1940.

After the war Farah returned to producing quality shirts for the public once again. By 1950 half of Farah’s production was sold to JC Penny, Sears and Montgomery Ward, the other half was under the Gold Farah Label. Quality is one of the core values at Farah, a value that we here at ej menswear share, and is continued with all of their products today. In the 1960’s, William Farah wouldn’t even allow the brand to be sold outside the US in case quality was not maintained.

The 1970’s saw many changes throughout the world, namely the Vietnam War and the major oil crisis. These factors forced Farah to reorganize and it was around this time that Farah clothing became the adopted uniform of skins, mods and stickmen in the UK. Farah had now become a designer label and was a must have for any young man in South London.

With its first store opening in London in the 1970’s Farah by the 1980’s had become the brand of choice for the young fashion forward male. By the 1990’s Farah had become a symbol for independent music and many opinion leaders in the music and fashion circles adopted the brand. In 2007 Farah launched their trend collections and the brand has grown from strength to strength since then. The Farah brand is representative of and celebrates individual creativity and style through diverse cultures of today.