Don't Forget The Old Man This Father's Day!

With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, it must be admitted that there is a tendency among some people to dismiss it as yet another commercial racket dreamed up by Hallmark to sell cards. If you find yourself thinking along these lines, it’s worth bearing in mind that Father’s Day has been celebrated since the Middle Ages – don’t mention middle age to your Dad though! So, salve your conscience about rampant capitalism and do something nice for the old man.

As fathers can be complicated creatures, we have a few killer tips that should ensure your Dad is still talking to you on Monday:

First, don’t be fooled, there is always ‘something’ that you can get for the man who has everything.

Second, when he says he doesn’t want anything, it’s possible your Dad is lying to you – yes, we know, it’s shocking behaviour.

And, if he has been more couch than 5k for the last few years, he’d probably appreciate an extra cushion and a foot stool far more than he would some ridiculous contraption designed to make him cycle miserably for hours in a shed.

Similarly, if he has never shown any inclination to jump out of a plane flying 10,000 feet above his couch, he might not want to do that either.

At EJ Menswear, we’d rather you weren’t disinherited by your loving father and shunned in the streets you call home, so we’ve come up with some gift ideas for you:

Secrid Mini Wallet

The Secrid wallet combines both quality and style while also providing security against unwanted card fraud. The state of the art ultra-thin aluminium card protector prevents your cards from being scanned by a mobile device using radio frequency readers. In this new era of high tech card fraud the Secrid wallet is an innovative solution that looks and feels just right.

The Secrid wallet card protector can hold 6 flat cards or 4 with raised lettering. There is ample space for notes and additional compartments for other cards or coins. If you are looking for additional space then the twin wallet holds up to 12 flat cards or 8 cards with raised lettering.

Gift Cards

Our gift cards are our number one Father’s Day gift, allowing your father the choice of getting whatever he prefers – and as an added bonus our gift cards never expire.



Shirts are also a very popular Father’s Day gift and we have a range of Ralph Lauren shirts to suit men of all ages. The most iconic brand of the 20th & 21st century, they are synonymous with style and elegance.

Farah shirts are another popular brand. They are an exceptionally good fit and are available in a broad range of colours. Our range of Farah shirts includes a grandad style which is back in fashion with a bang.

Socks & Jocks

Socks and underwear are always popular gifts for Father’s Day. GANT are probably our most popular choice and are said to be the most comfortable boxer shorts on the market. We also carry a range of gift pack socks from Tommy Hilfiger and Bugatti.