Giddy up! Race season is here lads and it’s time to think about the outfit

It’s all about mix and match. With help and advice from the expert ej menswear team, you can get past the winning post in style.


“We can guarantee that when you leave ej menswear you will be pristine! But I can’t tell you what the story will be at midnight outside Supermacs on day three of the Galway races!”

So jokes Tom Clarke, one of ej’s style gurus who is gearing up for the influx of young (and relatively young) fellas popping in to ej’s for an outfit that will do them justice at the races this year, whether it’s for Ballybrit, Limerick, Leopardstown, Fairyhouse or student day at Sligo.

Time was when a man came in and they’d head straight for the suit department; now it’s about assembling an outfit that can enjoy a shelf (or is that wardrobe?) life well beyond race week.

“It’s all about mix and match,” says Tom. “Lads will come in to get decked out and they want something different.”

“They’ll have seen us on social media and seen the customers we have had here in the shop with like Conor McGregor,” adds Tom. “Conor has started a whole style of fashion among young men. They want to dress like him.”

The team at ej’s specialise in the trend of ‘outfit building’ where the mix and match is tested, different items are tried on and discarded if they don’t work.

It can take time too. “Guys come in here and it can take two hours to mix and match an outfit after we give our advice on what to put together. Some lads definitely need our help!” says Mark Cunningham, a member of the ej’s team.

And that advice is much sought after. Just last week, the store hosted a visit from four eager young men who had hot-footed it to ej’s Sligo base, all the way from Galway itself.

After an afternoon’s shopping and advice from Tom and Mark, they left with their race-day outfits – not before posing in front of the magnificent portrait of Ireland’s style-king, Mr McGregor.

So, what’s at the races this year? Well, blazers for starters, maybe with chinos or dressy denims. And of course, nobody’s gets into a race meeting without a jacket on.

“The blazer is a very structured garment,” says Tom. “It’s important to get the quality right.”

With brands such as Remus Uomo, Herbie Frogg, 6th Sense and Magee to choose from, Ej’s has it covered across all budgets.

Tom adds: “Things have gone to another level; with attention to detail on accessories, colour and even socks – or the lack of them. It’s a thing for some guys not to wear any.”

Shirts with grandfather collars are also in and some guys are going for knitted ties with square bottoms.

The TV drama ‘Peaky Blinders’, starring Corkman Cillian Murphy, has played a big part in establishing this kind of sharp but edgy look that young lads clearly love.

But the team at ej’s haven’t forgotten tradition either. The guys dress people for all race events including Ascot where top hats and tails are the order of the day.

“To get into most of the enclosures at Ascot, you need the formal wear and it has to be just right.

“We always try to give people quality clothes at an affordable price and we cater for all budgets,” adds Mark. “The benefit of ‘mix and match’ is the value – guys can use the clothes for other occasions after the races are over.”

Finally, just when they thought all the decision were down to blokes, it turns out that the ladies still have a big say in what’s being worn by their man. They won’t put up with any old clobber, explains Tom.

“The lads are outdoing each other on the outfits but they still need to pay attention to the girlfriend or wife. That’s key!”

Of course, if you can’t visit ej’s in person, buying online has never been easier is at your service 24/7. Drop by!