Why investing in a good pair of shoes is a no-brainer

Shoes tell stories about you – make sure they’re the right ones!

“Strangely enough, I really think that shoes are a communication tool between people.”


So, says one of the world’s most celebrated women’s shoe designers Christian Louboutin, whose expensive creations have cost many a man and woman a small fortune.


His shoes can cost over €1,000 - so it’s unlikely you’ll be too concerned about bagging a set of those bad boys anytime soon. Anyway, men generally don’t look great in heels.


But while the price tag might put people off, Mr Louboutin is right about one thing: shoes tell stories about people.

No amount of good clothes can make up for the wrong pair of shoes; the wrong colour, shape or design can ruin a careful chosen suit, ensemble or any kind of outfit for that matter.


There’s another decent quote about shoes which pops to mind and sits well with the advice that the EJ’s team give people when buying footwear: “Good shoes take you good places.”
But why is that?


“Shoes are such an important fashion accessory. They are there for all the world to see,” says Mark Cunningham one of EJ’s shoe experts. “Good shoes make an outfit.”


They also impress men and women alike. “People look at shoes and they can form positive impressions there and then. They are as important as the clothes, so make sure you put the effort into selecting a pair that’s right for you.”

Some styles never go out of fashion; brogues are still popular along with Chelsea boots and hush puppies. Even shoes with tassels are back in fashion – the 1980s will be thrilled!


Men are more likely now however to be brave with different colours; Mark says burgundy, mid-brown and navy are still goers but, curiously, green shoes are proving a big hit.


“People are moving away from tans which ruled for a few years and green as a shoe colour choice has come into its own – it’s not for everyone but can work well with the right ensemble.

Monk strap shoes are popular too says Mark, and whether the brand of choice is Herbie Frogg, Bugatti or Remus Uomo, the expert team at EJ’s are on hand to advise and assist.


“It really is true, shoes can make the outfit and that’s the case whether you are buying shoes for a work suit, a wedding or special occasion or to go with more formal wear,” adds Mark.


So, shoes tell a story about you –but that doesn’t mean you must go down the Christian Louboutin route by splashing crazy o’clock cash.


“Everyone can afford to pick a good quality pair of shoes. Our mantra at EJ’s is a quality pair of shoes at an affordable price,” says Mark.


We’ll leave the last word to designer Tom Ford. “Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move.”


At EJs, if we can help someone to walk tall in a pair of shoes that suits the budget, job done.